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TeraCopy Pro Crack + Serial Keys + Keygen Download

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The latest version of TeraCopy came in Year 2014. The main function of the TeraCopy  Pro is to copy and move computer documents. Though this job is also being done by the inbuilt software of the device but the program lacks many features. Those all missing features have been included in Tera Copy Pro to make it a complete package.

It copies and moves files at an amazing speed. It skips the bad files during the copying process and then shows them at the end to give you a choice what to do with those files.  It also checks files for any possible errors by estimating their CRC checksum values. It gathers much more information about files than the Windows inbuilt copying program.

You can integrate it with the right click menu of the Windows Explorer and then set it as a default copy handler.

 Some of the most important features of Tera Copy Pro are as follows

  1. When you try to copy a file on windows, if you need to pause somewhere, the option is not available for you but TeraCopy Pro gives you this option.
  2. You have also Up front option to overwrite files to prevent a doubling of files.
  3. You can also rename the file while copying to avoid accidental overwriting of the file with the same name.
  4. You can select files from many locations and then assemble them in one common folder.
  5. Checksums ensure security when you copy documents from or to a less reliable removable media.
  6. It takes very less time to copy a file
  7. You can pause and resume your file transfer activity
  8. You can very easily recover error of the file
  9. You can create an interactive file list
  10. It has a full Unicode support
  11. It saves reports as CSV and HTML file.
  12. You can very easily remove selected file from copy queue.

Tera Copy Pro ScreenShots

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TeraCopy Pro Crack

How to Activate your Tera Copy Pro with a Serial Key

The procedure to activate Tera Copy Pro with a serial key is as follows

  1. Install the latest version of Tera Copy from the official site.
  2. Launch it on your Windows
  3. Just copy down the Serial to your computer clipboard
  4. Select All and then copy the Serial Key.
  5. Now tap on ‘More’ in TeraCopy
  6. Tap on to get a Pro Version
  7. You will see a menu on your screen, just “Tap on Enter Registration Key”
  8. You will see a dialogue box on the screen saying restart Tera Copy.
  9. Do as it says.
  10. This is all you need to do to activate your Tera Copy

TeraCopy Pro License Key


Some Cons of TeraCopy Pro

Where we told you so many features of TeraCopy, there it has some disadvantages as well. We wish you should have knowledge of them as well.  Some of its drawbacks are as follows

  1. It waits for the Network and device recovery, which wastes a lot of time
  2. It processes file transfer for the same drive
  3. It has insufficient space warning
  4. It saves checksums to a document.
  5. It shows Transferred, skipped or failed items only.

How to Crack TeraCopy Pro?

Installation Instructions

To Crack Tera Copy, we will first of all need to install a pro copy of Tera copy. The procedure to install pro copy of a TeraCopy is as follows:

  1. Download and open setup file teracopy3a5.exe to install it on your Windows
  2. Disable your internet service
  3. Close the setup file and copy “license” to the C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\TeraCopy.
  4. This is all you need to install TeraCopy.

Procedure to Crack TeraCopy

The procedure to Crack TeraCopy is as follows:

  1. Your TeraCopy remains hidden usually, locate it in C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming.
  2. Uncheck all your hidden files and the folder.
  3. Disable your internet
  4. Install the TeraCopy PRO Trial Setup.exe
  5. After finishing installation, then Run  TeraCopy at least for once
  6. Close the program and then Exit.
  7. Copy the license” file from your license folder.
  8. Paste the license to – C:\Users\allserialcrack\AppData\Roaming\TeraCopy (replace the allserialcrack City with username)
  9. This is all you need to do!
  10. You can now enjoy TeraCopy for a lifetime without any interruption. Never ever try to update it.

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